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Back Home for Bobkat Battle x 2

The guys suffered a tough loss to Kokomo on Thursday. The final score being 130 Bobkats to 104 Leprechauns. Hopes were high after the tough luck weekend prior. It was time to come home and get a win. Unfortunately, Thursday was not the day to get it. The guys fought hard and put up some points but the Bobkats got the win.

Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photography

Carter Skaggs with 20, was the leader in points out of our Leprechauns. The king of threes racked those points up with 5 three-point shots made.

Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photography

Zavier Turner - 13

Dionte Raines - 12

Ron Washington - 15

Joe Retic – 11

Alex Brown – 10

Eron Harris - 10

Alex Cole – 2

Zakarius Milhouse – 6

Damarius Brooks – 5

Rebounds were looking better with 54 for the Leprechauns. Once that defense is cleaned up, our Leprechauns will be unstoppable.

With a total of 5 games in a 10-day period, the guys fought hard they just couldn’t clinch that win.

With an unexpected spin, St. Louis Griffins were not able to play on Friday. The Bobkats showed up for another bout. This game was definite proof that the guys are not messing around. A win comes soon with the improvement shown in this game.

Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photography

Dionte Raines was the lead scorer for the Leprechauns with a fantastic 23 points.

Zavier Turner – 19

Joe Retic- 11

Ron Washington – 10

Carter Skaggs – 8

Alex Brown – 1

Dillon Ware – 9

Eron Harris – 15

Joe Retic – 18

Logan Hinton – 5

“They battled their asses off” said Head Coach John Benson with pride. “Can’t say enough about the guys and the way they responded tonight, even though the guys didn’t come up with a win, they showed a huge improvement today.”

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

The final score being 109 Bobkats, 108 Leprechauns, was much different than the 26 point deficit loss from the night before.

I think we can all agree that what we saw on Friday was a stronger and more formidable team and the future is looking bright for our Leprechauns. The Leprechauns host the Medora Timberjacks on St. Patrick’s Day, the luck of the Irish will be with us.

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