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Derby City Distillers @ Lebanon Leprechauns’ 03.01.2024

What a season opener it was for the Leprechauns! It definitely felt like March in Lebanon. 800 in attendance Friday night. GREEN everywhere. Kris Spate was greeting everyone with a bright smile. ”What a great night with a superb crowd!!” Preston and Britney running around putting things together. The merch table was up and was loaded with something for everyone. It is beginning to look like basketball season for the Leprechaun FAM.

Photo Credit: Will Roleson)

Coach Benson was missed tonight, as was #8 Carter Skaggs. Both were coaching sectional basketball games.

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

Alex Cole was recognized for his 2023 “Spirit of the game” award for his work with the Lebanon Community. He is a treasure to the people of Lebanon, the Leprechauns, and the entire TBL. The guy is incredibly kind. The children love AC and he always makes time to talk to them and answer their questions, sign autographs. Preston awarded Alex with a championship ring for the award. Well deserved. Lebanon loves you Alex!

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

There was not a dry eye in the house when our #14 said a few words recognizing one half of the Leprechauns greatest fan, the incomparable Joe Spate. He was the very first season ticket holder and he will be greatly missed. Preston stated that the Spate family is and always has been an incredible asset to the Leprechauns. Joe will live on in the hearts of all Leprechaun family.

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

The crowd was emotional right alongside those close to Joe. This moment solidified his memory in all of our hearts on Friday. His spirit will live on through the Leprechauns.

“We appreciate everyone that comes out to support us! We will come back after our road trip and get a W for you guys! “

- Alex Cole

(Photo Credit: M,A, Studios Photograpy)

(Photo sourced from Facebook)

Zavier Turner had a Triple-Double in his first game as a Leprechaun, 28 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists!

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

Ron Washington with 25 points and 11 rebounds.

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

Dionte Raines with 23 points on 70% shooting.

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

Leprechauns started off strong and ended the first quarter 32 to28

Derby City had the Leprechauns at halftime 58 to 57. Same with the third quarter 100 to 92. The third quarter was loaded with fouls and the points DOUBLED. Derby City pulled the win with a final score of 127 to 119.

The Emerald Spirits were back in full splendor Friday, the girls were great and smiling helping keep the fans rallied behind the Leprechauns!

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

As with most lost games, the crowd and team were just happy to be back and together. The guys stayed on the floor and signed autographs and visited with fans for 30-45 minutes after the game ended. The heart of these guys is really inspiring.

(Photo Credit: M.A. Studios Photograpy)

The Leprechauns are on the road next weekend facing the West Virginia Grind and the Derby City Distillers. Be sure to stream live on TBLtv! The Leprechauns return to Lebanon on March 14th to play the Kokomo Bobkats!

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