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Draft (Round 1) Recap

Cameras are ready, team staff at their war room tables, the Magleys greeting everyone with a smile, the draft is getting ready to begin. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The draft pick lineup is ready. With all of the trades and deals made between the war room tables, the fun had begun.

It began with Rocket city Flight, immediately trading with the Jacksonville 95er's. Jacksonville selected the #1 draft pick, Chris Sodem. It was the first time ever that the first pick was in person at the TBL draft.

The Witchita Skykings' Jaron williams, the second pick was also in attendance.

#3 The Wenatchee Bighorns trades to the Kokomo Bobkats, Orlando Little was selected.

#4 The Emerald City Jaguars trade to the Kokomo Bobkats, the Kokomo Bobcats trade to the Santa Ana Thunder, Derrick Dandrage was selected.

#5 The Raleigh Firebirds, Glen Robinson II is selected.

#6 The Tristate Admirals, Damarri Moore is selected.

#7 The Reading Rebels, Ty Sean Powell is selected.

#8 The Shreveport Bossier-Mavericks trade to Great Falls Electric, Lamine Komara is selected.

#9 The Fredrick Flying Cows, Caleb Wood is slected.

#10 The Long Beach Blue Waves, Troy (Isaac) Burrows is selected.

#11 The Vancouver Volcanoes trade to The Pontiac Pharoahs, Tae'Von Ruffin is selected.

#12 The Lebanon Leprechauns, Darnell Butler Jr. is selected.

#13 The Rhode Island Kraken to Rocket City Flight, DeLadris Green is selected.

#14 The Bakersfield Majestics, Brandon Yates is selected.

#15 The Glass City Wrangers, Bass Ollie is selected.

#16 The San Diego Sharks trade to The Vancouver Volcanoes, Aidan Rolfs is selected.

#17 The Texas 7er's, Brandon Johnson is selected.

#18 LA Ignite trade to Wenatchee Big Horns, Lamarr Wood is chosen.

#19 The Great Falls Electric trade to The Kokomo Bokats, Bobkats trade to The Emerald City Jaguars, Tyler Battle is selected.

#20 The Medora Timberjacks, Shane Ross is selected.

#21 The Cincinnati Warriors, Caleb Vaughn is selected.

#22 The Enid Outlaws, Kenny Jones is selected.

#23 The Virginia Valley Vipers, Alex Brown is selected.

#24 The Connecticut Crusaders, Carlton Allen Jr. is selected.

#25 The Kokomo Bobkats trade to The Emerald City Jaguars, Jaguars trade to Great Falls Electric, Jacob Bate is selected.

#26 The Santa Ana Thunder, Ilisia Washington is selected.

#27 The Little Rock Lighting, Jamichael Morgan is selected.

#28 The Derby City Distillers, Jaelen Brown is selected.

#29 The St. Louis Griffin's, Troy Mix is selected.

#30 The Seattle Superhawks trade to Wenatchee Bighorns, Terrell Jennings is selected.

#31 The West Virginia Grind, Ikem Eriobuma is selected.

#32 The Jamestown Jackals, Dominic Guthrie is selected.

#33 The Salem Capitals trade to The Wenatchee Big Horns, Big Horns trade to Great Falls Electric, Antwaan Cushingberry is selected.

#34 The Jacksonville 95er's trade to The Rocket City Flight, Andrew Bellinger is selected.

#35 The Potawatomi Fire, Jaylen Mahone is selected.

#36 The Pontiac Pharaohs, Clarence Wilson is selected.

#37 The Coastal Georgia Buccaneers, Tre'von Bass is selected.

#38 The Albany Patroons, Jamarr Joseph is selected.

All picks are selected, people are shaking hands, wishing each other good luck in their season. Off to training camps, it was time to get the teams primed for the season to begin. 2024 is going to be the best year yet in the TBL.

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