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Leprechaun's Spotlight - Damarius Brooks

Every week a spotlight is shown on one of our Leprechauns. This week our focus is on guard #5 Damarius Brooks (Debo). Debo has been with the Leprechauns for two seasons (2022 and 2024). Although Debo is a quiet guy, he is a very outstanding individual once you get to know him. He started with us in our very first season. He is the OG Leprechaun on the team. He suffered an injury to the Achilles and had to be out last season. This injury didn't get him down, he is back and ready to rock. We are very happy to have Debo on the roster again.

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

Damarius Brooks, 6'1", 180 lbs., is a guard for the Leprechauns. Born and raised in Brookhaven, MS, Debo is the son of Antonio and Shaunta Davis. He has played basketball for the Brookhaven High School Panthers (Brookhaven, MS) as a guard, shooting guard, and a point guard #14, the Copiah Lincoln Community College Wolves (Wesson, MS) as a Guard # 3, the MACU Evangels (Mid-American Christian University) (Oklahoma City, OK) as a guard #0, and the Lebanon Leprechauns for two seasons as a guard #5. He has been dedicated to this sport all of his life. The talent he has truly shows this.

Photo by Co-Lin Sports Information

Debo played basketball all four years of high school at Brookhaven High School in Brookhaven, MS. He played 99 varsity games with a 12.3 PPG. He won the "Player of the game award" 14 times! The chemistry of Debo's high school team was incredible, it helps that most of them played together all the way back from 7th grade!

Photo Credit: Jacob Kemp from the Hattiesburg American

Brooks, received a scholarship to Copiah Lincoln Community College. The Cop-Lin wolves knew what they had found in #3 Debo. His freshman year he started 25 games and finished 3rd on the team in scoring with 262 points (10.5 PPG).

His sophomore year, he played 23 games with 22 starts. He finished his sophomore season second on the team in scoring (321 points, 14 PPG). He was the team's best free throw shooter at 87%. Debo graduated Copiah-Lincoln Community College in 2019 receiving his associate's degree in Business Administration.

Photo Credit: Natalie Davis

He graduated, but he wasn't done with school and basketball just yet. Debo received a scholarship to go to Mid-American Christian University in 2019. He continued work on his Business Administration studies where he graduated and received his bachelors in 2021. I seriously commend him for this, receiving a bachelors degree AND playing hard and doing well in both areas, just wow!

Photo Credit: MACU

In his Junior year of college, Damarius played 32 games and started in 2. He scored 231 points (7.2 PPG), recorded the second highest 3 pt. field goal percentage in the NAIA era at 46.8%, converting 37 of 79 attempts. Impressive!

Photo Credit: MACU

As a senior at MACU, Debo played 16 games, started 6. He put up 106 points with a 6.6 PPG, with a 34% FG and a 26% Free Throw. During this season he had 34 rebounds and 11 assists.

Photo Credit: MACU

After college, Debo heard about the TBL and our team. He started seeing things posted on social media and started to hear about the Leprechauns through word of mouth. Brooks decided to take a chance, came all the up way here from Brookhaven, MS, and went to training camp. After being accepted to the team, Debo moved to Lebanon "took a chance and has been good since."

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

"Brooks was one of the first players from our inaugural season that pushed his chips "all in." Without a contract, just the prospect of a new opportunity on the horizon, he bet on himself and moved to Lebanon from Mississippi and hasn't looked back. He had a great rookie season, which was cut short by injury, spent all of last year getting healthy, and is now back at 100%. I'm so excited to see what he can bring to this team. Damarius is kind of quiet, but every day he works hard and leads by example. He's a great player for us, a great leader, and importantly a keeper of the lore, funny stories, and great memories of where this franchise started."

-Preston Myers, Team President

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

In his first season with the Leprechauns, Debo averaged 10.2 points per game. He had a free throw percentage of 70.6. He shot a 53.5% in field goals, with a 3P% of 48.9%. Unfortunately, Debo suffered an injury to his Achilles. He was out for part of the 2022 season and the 2023 season. He worked hard at strengthening and healing and is back full force!

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

"It’s great to have Debo back on the roster. As he’s still getting his groove back from his Achilles injury, he’s starting feel more mentally comfortable on the floor. He’s leading, defending and doing the right things to help his teammates. He’s going to be a huge part of the success of this team. He’s not only a great teammate but a wonderful person. He’s invested in the community, working in the community, and always doing his best to be as many community events he can. We are very grateful to have him back on the team!"

-Head Coach John Benson

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

What does Debo do to unwind after a game? Debo likes to spend time with girlfriend of 8 years, Chicago. "I like to have a glass of wine and watch movies or binge watch shows on Netflix with my girl."

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

"Glad to have Debo back after his time off last season to heal his achilles injury. We cannot even tell that he was off for a season. He is back in full force. Debo is very appreciative. He is very polite and always kind"

- Britney Nickle

Photo Credit: Mike Swank

So far this season, Debo is on fire. His concentration. His determination. He has big goals for this season. We expect to see a lot of good things from him. Debo plays hard. He is a massive asset to the Lebanon Community, always volunteering, and leading by example. Debo is exactly what the definition of being a Leprechaun is. He may be a quiet guy, but he has incredible character.

Photo Credit: dahrolmedia.sports

Debo's main goal for this season is “to get better and take everything a day at a time and just each day to get better and stay prayerful!” - Debo

Let's hear it for our #5 DEBO!

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