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Lucky in Lebanon on St. Patrick's Day

Lebanon really showed up on Sunday for the St. Patrick's Day Game against the Medora Timberjacks. It was a complete green out, the Leprechaun Fam was in full force supporting the guys against this strong team out of Southern Indiana. Lucky the Leprechaun and the Emerald Spirit Dance Team were ready to keep this crowd pumped up and cheering for their Leprechauns. It was truly a sight to see.

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

In the first half of the game the Leprechauns trailed 21 points and it did not seem that luck was with us. Luck wasn't the answer for the Leprechauns, the fight that ensued was all hard work, all chemistry. Defensively the Leprechauns EXPLODED. Alex Brown absolutely denied Medora from getting shots. with 7 rebounds. Denying the shots and making way for a full on domination in the second half.

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

Zavier Turner, with no points yet in the game, stepped out in that last half. With 30 points, 17 of those points in the 4th quarter alone, 10 assists, and 100% at the line. The guy was unstoppable. He was hungry and not going to allow a loss. Not a single fan remained seated in the 4th quarter watching these guys perform.

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

"For our first win, we was thirsty for it . All i kept telling myself was to lead the team and compete. The guys stepped up and got some big shots for us. We kept on pushing the pace and we competed. That is why we came out with a victory tonight."

-Zavier Turner

Photo Credit: Dave Peach

Carter Skaggs, shot and made 7 three-pointers. With 25 points total. The king of threes was in full focus and unfazed.

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

Just an incredible game with the guys scoring big numbers:

Dionte Raines -18

Ron Washington - 17

Joe Retic - 15

Dillon Ware - 8

Zakarius Milhouse - 2

Alex Brown - 12

Final Score 127 Lebanon, 119 Medora.

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

"To be real honest with you i was scared to death. the momentum was great, but as you have seen some of our past games, it is scary as a coach, but those guys never wavered, not one bit. I'm so proud of how they went through adversity. We were down 21 and ended up winning by 8, that's a huge turn around. We have been fighting for this since day 1. We knew we were capable, each guy knowing their roles and understanding what we could be if we did the right things the right way" Head Coach John Benson on the determination and success of the night.

Photo Credit: Britney Nickle VP of Operations

"Started out slow, but in the second half we came out and played Lebanon basketball. We competed man, we don't give up. "

-Zavier Turner

An absolute incredible show of heart. Farmer's Bank Fieldhouse is where you just had to be on St. Patrick's Day. The magic was in the air but all the credit goes to the Leprechauns. They finally got that win we so desperately needed. The team did not need luck to perform the way that they did. They were unstoppable.

Photo Credit: dahrolmedia.sports

Medora is going to be ready to fight us this weekend. We denied an almost landslide win, coming back the way the team did. Eron Harris was out for an ankle injury tonight, he was still on the sideline hyping the guys up, hopefully he is cleared on Friday and we will have another strong player to put up a fight! The game on Friday, March 22nd will kick off a road trip with the final stop in St. Louis to compete against the Griffins.

Photo Credit: dahrolmedia.sports

Let's GOOOOOO Leprechauns!

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