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TBL Meetings/Combine/Draft Recap

The Tbl met in Indianapolis on Feb. 1st and 2nd. Focus was on each individual staff member's "why?" Why are you working within this league? Why are you passionate about the league and your team? I think this is something we should ask ourselves as fans as well. Also discussed, how to become more of a community asset, what plans can be made to be more involved and to make a positive impact in our community? They discussed smart business practices to better the entire league. Entertainment is a very important part of this game, dance teams, mascots, crowd involvement, etc. These things stand out and help keep fans coming back for more fun.

They discussed different ideas on how to improve on this. At the meetings, a new powerful app was discussed, it can be utilized in the future by both staff and fans to provide an immersive experience, more information on this when it is available. Our TMO, Preston Myers, and our VP of Operations, Britney Nickle, represented us Leprechauns with professionalism and passion for the game at these meetings. They met with the Midwest division team leaders and discussed how to improve as a whole. Collaboration like this in these TBL meetings will strengthen the bond of the league and keep the season running successfully. Thanks for the hard work guys!

The combine was on Feb. 3rd and 4th. This was the biggest turnout yet, around 250 men arrived, gave it their all, and showed so much heart in the process. The amount of talent was incredible and I am excited for these guys and their futures in basketball. One of my favorite things about the TBL is that is that it is a family-focused atmosphere. I spoke with both the CEO and the President, joked around with the commissioner, and met several TMOs and staff, not one of these people were unapproachable, just warm, friendly people. Word is getting out about our league and I want to think that these men are flocking to us because of the stories of kindness and camaraderie shared within.

I have never experienced anything like the draft before. High stakes, quick changes, yet great attitudes all around. The Leprechauns had the 12th pick. Our first round draft pick is Darnell Butler Jr., Indiana native, born in Lafayette, IN. Darnell played for the University of Southern Indiana, the Screaming Eagles. We are excited to have him. Congratulations Darnell! Our second round draft pick is Devin Reed. Devin is returning to the TBL, after last season with the Kentucky Enforcers. Congratulations Devin! Welcome to the Leprechauns.

There is a lot to be excited about for this upcoming season and it is truly gearing up to be the best season yet. The best show on hardwood is about to begin. Are you ready?

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