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Training Camp Kick Off at the Legion

The Leprechauns are in town! Training camp was last week and the chemistry of this group of guys is so amazing. Everyone can feel it. The guys kicked off training camp with a wings dinner at the legion. Nothing like a meal to bring a group together. I had the opportunity to interview/meet each and every one of the guys on Sunday and I am MAD impressed. Not only are these guys incredible athletes, but they are respectful, polite, and have huge hearts. Getting to know these guys was a fantastic experience. Learning about who they are off of the court, their dreams, their work in the community, and their drive to be the best at everything they do, was such an enlightening experience. I left with a sense of self empowerment just from talking with them, what can I accomplish? What are my dreams and how can I work hard like these guys to reach them? Your Lebanon Leprechauns have truly captured this fans heart. I am so ready to see them in action. This is our year! Let's go!

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